Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's done! It's done! It's done!!!!! Check out the newly done new site

I'm so excited! The store works too! (Sigh of relief) There was even a sale today! Thanks Cara! You rock!

Banjo was so proud of me, she brought me a gift! Such a good baby girl!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Relief

This is the current project we are supporting. I quickly put together a logo, and have been trying to help in any way possible. This is why....

Critter Crossings has taken on a huge endeavor, and need all of our help to make them successful. We all know about the recent Hurricane Gustav. Not only has this effected the families of New Orleans, it has also left countless dogs without homes. The shelters are overcrowded with animals, so we are trying to help out, and save lives. We are transporting the dogs who were already in the shelters, leaving space for the dogs who have recently been displaced. This allows the families who are searching for their precious pets, to have an easier time at recovery. I can only imagine the despair I would be feeling if a national disaster separated me from my rescued pups. Living in California, an earthquake could easily make it impossible to get back to my babies, for who know how long. Even the idea of this sends shivers up my spine. Wouldn't you want someone to step up for your pets in a situation like this? It makes me feel a little more secure, knowing that people do care for the defenseless animals. This is why I have continued to support Critter Crossings. Not only for the three beautiful dogs I have adopted, but because they constantly fight for the underdog. Please consider donating to our new program, Hurricane Gustav Relief. If we all gave a few dollars, we could make all the difference to these forgotten pets.

Thank you,


Current Update:

Dogs in Need- we have 100 dogs and 10 cats that will be loading on truck from Dedham Springs, LA. right now the best break-down i have is 10% or less big dogs, 30% labs and related breeds, 30% pits and pit mixes, and the rest are small/ medium breed dogs. I should be getting a better inventory tomorrow 9/6.

How will dogs be split up- i will go through the inventory and first match up breed specifics to any available breeds. those will be noted to go to those rescues. I will assign each dog an ID number if they dont already have one. the dogs that are misc or not spoken for by breed rescue will then be split up as evenly as possible so that each rescue open to any breed has the most variety as we can provide. the goal is to not stick any one organization with a bunch of dogs that cant be easily adopted out.

date- the truck will be leaving the site on 9/15 or 9/16 depending on when she can unload her cargo that she will be coming in with.

Crates, and loading supplies, paperwork- all dogs will be coming with leash, collar, tag, health certificate and shots UTD. Each will have its own crate unless it is very small and gets along well with another one. then they will have a buddy. cats will buddy up in dog crates.

route- when we find out next week exactly what date Nancy can leave with the load we will also then put together approximate times/ dates that we will pass through each area for potty stops and to meet receiving rescues along the way. We will travel I-10, I-20 and then up through palm springs, bakersfield, fresno, san fancisco, and up to Los Molinos.

Goal- my goal is to find recievers for the total 100 dogs, 10 cats and if we find room for more we will add more to the truck as long as we can find dogs in decent helath that also have shots UTD and can easily follow the rules on paperwork and documentation. If that plan doesnt work we will lessen the load that some of the rescues take in to even things up a bit.

What i need help with-This means finding AT LEAST 40 more placements that can take any breed in addition to any breed specific offers we get. Until i get an inventory list and start matching up breeds with rescues that number wont change for the better. these rescues can be anyplace in TX, AZ, NM or CA as long as they can get to meet the driver or have a rep. to meet the driver and receive the dog(s) in Dallas, Midland, El Paso, Tucson, Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Francisco, or Los Molinos. Each rescue can take 1, 2, 10 or 30 for all i care.
they just have to be ready willing and able

Krystal McClain
HGR Team Member, emergency rescue effort of Critter Crossings Corp
to be rescued and rehomed in the State of California


IN ONE WEEK... Critter Crossings Corp and a handful full of volunteers are going to be taking on the responsibility of 20 dogs from Louisiana. As you may or may not know...they currently have NO kennels for these dogs (needing 4-5 of them) and NEED more dog food...this is a temporary situation until rescues and NO-KILL shelters are found

But until then they NEED help!!!!!!!!!


Wake up people the chipin has been at $318.00 for the past two days... take your lunch to work and donate your lunch money for one day... skip your last drink at the bar...donate that cash to the cause... It is that easy!! Try does help!!

We need your help so we can help them.....

Disasters are never good for animals, and Gustav and Hannahare leaving a trail of destruction and, as follows, despair and suffering. Gustav has misplaced millions of families, loved ones, & friends...but most of all it has misplaced and separated animals from their familiar surroundings

A small group of volunteers quickly pulled together from several states (New York to Indiana to Iowa) to create this project which is being sponsored through the non profit public charity, Critter Crossings Corp. But they can not do this alone...yes, they need your help They are going to be relieving this shelter of their long term, no kill dogs that are fully vetted and ready for adoption so that their shelter can accommodate the misplaced dogs and reunite those with their owners

They will be making room for these dogs by taking on dogs that have been safe at their shelter up to this point. But making room means needing financial help....

This project will not end with the arrival of these fifteen landing in California; Rescue groups are needed to take on these dogs - the Nor Cal Kennels at Critter Crossings are simply a staging area to provide urgent, immediate safe haven.

Please subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on how your rescue group can help

This is where you can help...



Monday, May 19, 2008


Hello! Welcome to my Blog! It's been pretty busy around here, so I thought i would share! If you're new to Beauregard Stubbs, let me fill you in. Beauregard Stubbs was created by me, Karen Halker. I was inspired to start this company by Lucy, my first baby, an
d Daisy, my rescued Bassett.

It started with my first portrait, a combination of Lucy and Daisy with a new name, Beauregard Stubbs! The portraits blossomed from there! Many more products have been added, but the goal remains to produce well designed art for the dog lover.

After adopting three more little muses, Banjo Marie, Gigi Louise, and Kane Herman, I became very involved in rescue. A percentage of all proceeds go to support homeless and rescued dogs! Thank you for visiting, please come back soon! I will try my best to keep you updated!